Staging allows a buyer to see how the potential of your home might be realized, so a staging not set up with good design principles can hurt your chance for a sale.

As professionals, our understanding of scale, balance, proportion, color and texture are critical in giving you a quality staging.

We have been a successful staging company for the past 12 years.  With a 4,000 square foot warehouse, plus a design background and the expertise to back it up, your home will be staged to show off its maximum potential to all buyers.
Do you need a consultation for an occupied home?  Absolutely!

I work with your furnishings and in a matter of 2 to 4 hours I edit and skillfully re-arrange each room.  The end result?  A home that appeals to every potential buyer walking in your door!
 You only have a few seconds to get that "Make it or break it!" first impression. Let a professional do that for you.  My background allows me to walk into a home and know what I need to do to showcase each area.