Designing spaces and keeping your needs in mind are our first priorities.  When finished, your home will reflect the way you live, entertain, work and relax.  Each space expresses YOUR personality not mine!

The process of setting up a new (or even an existing) home should be as enjoyable and stress free as possible.

We are dedicated to making this a pleasant and painless experience and to perform it as quickly as possble.

Our greatest joy on a project is knowing when we walk out the door on the last day, that you are breathing a sigh of relief!  What could have been an ardurous process of moving, shuffling, searching, ordering, shopping and organizing was handled by someone who understands your style and was able to give you a home that looks and feels just the way you always dreamed!
Dehlia is a longtime Seattle resident.  She grew up in tulip country, Mount Vernon, Washington.

Always creative, Dehlia was especially drawn to designing for her living spaces.  As a teen she never missed a chance to go on the daylong American Institute of Architects residential tours.  That is where she found her passion and decided to make a career of the fascinating world of interior and architectual design.

After getting her B.A. in Interior Design from Washington State University, Dehlia began working with Johnson Crandall Partnership and Norman Sandler Architects before going out on her own, first as Dehlia Aker and Associates and now as
Second Avenue Design & Staging.